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Sonos Playbase speaker Price and Review

Soundbars are perhaps the simplest way to immediately upgrade a TV's sound. However, their size and contour me an they usually work best with design, or differently elevated, sets. An even far more credenza-friendly home theater speaker, your Sonos Playbase sits below your flat-screen, not in the front of it. We plopped our own 55-inch Sony set atop the Playbase, joined both cables that come with the speaker into the TV's sound outputs, and also breezed through the streamlined setup on the Sonos program in about five minutes.

After adding several music-streaming services (Spotify, Google Play Music, and SoundCloud) and running the company's Trueplay room-tuning software, we settled in for hours of Netflix streaming, movie watching, and also daily-mix mastering.


As the next home theater-focused speaker in Sonos's lineup, the Playbase isn't the product most fans were expecting. For a company that's doubling back on streaming services and voice control, the Playbase indicates no progress in either of these areas. There isn't any Alexa integration, no onboard mic for prospective Alexa integration, and no brand new streaming partnerships that coincide with the Playbase's release. Still, the debate for shoving out a pedestal-style house theater speaker may be noise. Even the Playbase's form variable is considerably more worthy of A/V furniture compared to a sound bar. Moreover, its brand new contour--envision a pancaked Play:5--gives the Playbase some sonic benefits, too.

The horizontal, elongated enclosure left Sonos engineers enough room to add a woofer. This translates in to apparently deeper, more resonant bass in contrast to the Playbar--that should please gamers and movie watchers. It will not do the job of a dedicated sub, which Sonos additionally sells, but it's marked advancement within the Playbar and several other standalone soundbars we have tried. The Sonos Playbase speaker costs $699 and will be paired with an optional Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer to get another $699.

Although it is really a mere 28-inches wide (the Playbar is 3-5), the Playbase produces what sounds like an ultra broad sound stage. Ten independently-amped drivers had no problem completing every inch of our 1-3 x ray 18-ft livingroom with noise. Voices stayed clear and coherent in both movies and TV shows, and for music, stereo split has been, to the ears, indistinguishable from having two separate speakers set up on opposite ends of the six-foot wide media desk.

The Playbase is sold with a number of the very same improvements that made the Playbar therefore appealing, too, including a nighttime manner that enhances quiet noises and suppresses louder ones, in addition to a voice-enhancement option that fosters frequencies associated with human language. However, for all its undeniably great energy performance, the Playbase remains a Sonos speaker. And that means that the typical limitations still apply. TruePlay room trimming, which permits you to tweak the noise of their speaker to meet your room's unique design, remains off-the-table for most Android end users. And, like all Sonos speakers, even the Playbase connects via WiFi simply--no Bluetooth.