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Logitech Pop Home Switch Review and price

Logitech's programmable Pop Home Switches allow you to rope together and implement common smart home orders--such as turning on and off lights, locking doors, and playing music--with the press of a button. There is absolutely no requirement to request a digital assistant or even simply take out your smartphone of your pocket.The Pop starter kit is sold with just two Home Switches, two bits of mounting tape, and a modest wireless bridge. Each switch has a replaceable battery which Logitech asserts can continue around five years with ordinary daily use.

Setup takes only a few seconds: Plug the bridge right into an open socket, download the iOS or Android Pop app, and enter your own wireless network credentials. The app will scan your Wi-Fi system for other compatible connected devices. In our case it found the Sonos speakers, Logitech Hub using Harmony Ultimate universal remote, and Hue lights across the home.


To assign tasks to each button you make use of the program's drag-and-drop interface. Each button will manage to three distinct functions with a single media, a double media, or even a very long press. To generate those controls, you drag individual devices (e.g. Living room Sonos Playbar) to a corresponding media type. Supplemental Pop Switches cost $39.

Beyond their fundamental functionality, the Pop Home Switches are also harmonious with IFTTT, a common, automation-focused world wide web program and standalone program which lets you string together other conditional "recipes" with a huge list of web companies and smart devices. It opens up a wider range of functions available in a very simple button. If you own a Logitech Harmony smart remote and Hub, you'll have access inside the Pop app to those activities you've established their as well.

We attempted dozens of commands over the span of weekly, from simple on/off lighting Pops to more complex multi-device IFTTT recipes. Many of our favorites: A movie-watching Pop that dimmed our Hue livingroom lights, switched to the TV to the Blu-ray input, switched off all the other Hue lights at the house, and set our Nest thermostat to 70 degrees. A late-night insomnia Pop recipe that turned off the bedroom lights and started playing Max Richter's 8-hour "Sleep" album on our Play:1 speaker, also proved useful.