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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Performance review

Inspite of the usage of a low power Y-series processor (previously referred to as a Core M processor), performance of this Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet is eloquent. The Core i5-7Y57 chip can induce most productivity tasks with no performance difficulties. And as the processor is power efficient, heat wasn't a concern regardless of the pill lacking a buff. When loading videos, the pill got warm, but was not bothered or too hot to the touch. The smooth functioning of this ThinkPad X1 Tablet this year is powered by two factors. First, Intel has generated a great deal of improvements to its Y-series chip lineup to squeeze out more performance.

Secondly, the ThinkPad X1 benefits from a sterile Windows 10 Signature Edition os with very nominal bloatware. It isn't saddled with preloaded apps that hog tools, like McAfee's security suite. I experienced no problems performing basic tasks, such as working with Microsoft's Office suite, running many browsers, streaming web videos and opening lots of Windows 10 software. The tablet is really capable of handling light Photoshop work, but if you be prepared you'll do heavy video editing or more advanced photo editing, you'll likely be better off having a higher performance removable, including Lenovo's Miix 720, HP's Spectre x-2 or even Microsoft's Surface Pro-- all these systems encourage better Intel integrated HD images and develop with an even more main stream U-series Core I processor.


Performance of this Y-series Core i-5--previously branded as Intel's Core m5 chip--shows progress. The incorporated GPU scored 273 points together with 3DMark's Time Spy test. The pill got a battery lifetime score of 3 hours and 28 minutes using exactly the exact same test. Despite its lower power performance, these benchmarked answers aren't too far away from the more powerful U-series Core i5 chip on Lenovo's Miix 720. The Miix 720, as an example, has improved graphics performance using a score of 318 points utilizing the Time Spy evaluation, but its score of 2,441 points under PCMark 8's home evaluation is at scope of the X1 Tablet's CPU performance.

Many users probably wont notice--or wont be bothered--with all the operation differences between your reduce Core I 5 Y-series chip class. Gamers, those searching for mobile workstation-class operation or people who have more advanced level images demands will likely wish to check in other solutions. For the vast majority of calculating users--particularly people that spend the majority of the own time at the browser, employed in Office or multi-tasking using less system intensive programs--may locate the operation of their ThinkPad X1 Tablet to be more than satisfactory.