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Lenovo Chromebook N22 review: Price and Hardware

The Lenovo Chromebook N22 is a pretty decent device at an remarkable price. The maximum end version with 4GB of ram and 16GB of storage comes in at only $179.99, or you may grab the slightly lower end model for $149.00. If you only need something to navigate the net that's portable and light, this is a fantastic choice. Even though it is intended for early education, it may be a wonderful addition to anyone who uses their phone for the majority of items but would like something to use with a big bigger display and they could type on at a coffee shop or whenever they are out.

The display in the Lenovo Chromebook N22 is an 11.6? TN panel with dash compatibility. It looks pretty good particularly for the resolution (1366 x 768), but it has touchscreen abilities is fairly lacking. The sensitivity of this touch is really low quality, and sometimes I felt like I was pressing into the display before it might actually enroll.


As stated earlier, the screen is slightly recessed into the body. This is likely to keep it from impact or drops, but it will look somewhat odd and leaves the bezel much more noticeable. Overall though, the quality is good for the price, and gets lots bright when you want to flip this up. It's also anti-glare, which means that you need to be able to use it outside without any difficulties.

Constant operation was the biggest issue for me personally when using this gadget. The notebook uses an Intel Celeron processor at 3 slightly different tiers, which is not precisely the top performing chip on the planet. Obviously it does a significant few for battery lifetime, but performance is limited, especially because the notebook only includes 2-4GB of RAM. Chrome is not exactly the very well optimized browser in the world, as it can use a large amount of RAM and CPU use.

This is a fairly major issue in a lot of these laptops, but notably utilizing a processor such as this could cause quite a lot of lag and stuttering. The very first time I logged in to Chrome, the device froze and would not do anything. It would not even turn off, so I needed to wait for it to expire to resume it. Fortunately, I never had this matter again, though I did encounter some stuttering when I had too many tabs open.