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Parenting in the digital age: Learning Part 3

TIME management
The risk of youngsters defrayal all their time taking part in games and chatting with friends rather than doing their assignment is extremely real. i do know this as a result of I nearly failing my first college man exams as i attempted to overcome virtual Japan in an exceedingly computer game referred to as Nobunaga's Ambition, rather than deciding the principles of legal code.

Qustodio helps you to set limits on usage. you'll be able to either lock on-line access, however allow offline access, lock the device fully or set associate alert once the limits square measure reached. you'll be able to limit usage on every individual device supported a customized weekly schedule. as an example, you'll be able to limit on-line access on the child's phone on weekdays to solely throughout faculty commute hours (for example, time of day to 2pm) likewise because the time between dinner and hour (7 to 10pm) whereas permitting free access on weekends.


You can set a completely completely different policy on the child's computer. differently is to easily limit the quantity of laptop hours every day to 2 on weekdays, and once that point is up, the kid won't be able to access the pc in the least.APP management you'll be able to even management individual apps. This works on any phone app or computer software package, therefore you'll be able to limit Snapchat, Instagram, likewise because the hottest computer games within the market. However, this feature is restricted in iPhones and iPads as solely sixty eight apps is managed this manner. It worked dead on each my golem phone and Windows computer. you'll be able to even limit the speak time of your kid, although currently they text over they speak.

Parenting in the digital age: Learning Part 2

CALLS AND SMS watching
Qustodio helps you to track each incoming and outgoing telephone and SMS on golem devices. you'll be able to see however long every decision took, what time it had been created, likewise because the contact name and signal. For SMS, you'll be able to even read the text messages sent. this is often a awfully helpful feature to forestall scammers and ill-intentioned strangers from reaching your youngsters. It conjointly alerts folks to a baby being cyber-bullied or defrayal an excessive amount of time on the phone with friends.

What is missing, though, is that the ability to watch chat apps like WhatsApp and message at an identical level of detail. Qustodio has some restricted Facebook watching however, on the far side that, it's ineffectual to watch what's happening within a child's social media accounts like Instagram and SnapChat.

Parenting in the digital age: Learning Part 1

LOCATION trailing AND push button
A very nice feature of Qustodio is that the ability to trace your child's phone. this is often nice for fogeys United Nations agency wish to envision if their youngsters square measure safely in class while not having to decision them, as faculties veto phone usage throughout faculty hours. The phone's last location is distributed via GPS and fogeys will read it through the net dashboard. folks will get the situation update on the mobile app, in order that they will check anytime. For golem devices, folks will even set the interval for the situation updates.

Another feature that i actually like is that the Panic or SOS button, associate app button that the kid will press if he feels vulnerable. Once activated, the system tracks and sends the situation of the kid in five-minute intervals to an inventory of up to 5 pre-configured contacts, United Nations agency can then receive e-mail and SMS alerts notifying them that the kid is in distress, beside the phone's last noted location till the kid ends the alert. the kid may press the connected earphones button 3 times to activate the SOS button. sadly, this feature works solely on golem phones.